AELP Autumn Conference 2015 Organised by

Thursday, 5 November 2015 | ILEC Conference Centre, London


Conference Overview

In the current environment with continued budget cuts, recommendations for mandatory online delivery and a focus by Ofsted and funders on the increased use of technology, organisations are increasingly seeking opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in using technology and cloud computing.

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This one day Expo is aimed at all training providers, apprenticeship employers and local authorities and will provide the opportunity to:  
  • learn from those who are effectively using learning and cloud technology
  • research commercially available learning technologies
  • hear briefings from suppliers of learning technologies about how their products are being used in work based learning
  • identify inspection requirements and feedback on the use of learning technologies
  • observe demonstrations of free software and hardware, and ‘have a go’
  • learn about Nebula – a training programme on cloud computing for the public sector
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The Expo aims to raise awareness of the benefits and opportunities of the use of technology for blended and mobile learning, e-assessment and cloud computing. It will provide opportunities to raise the knowledge and skills of practitioners, including demonstrations and hands-on activities, and provide tangible information on appropriate solutions for different aspects of provision.

The Expo will be structured into five zones; blended learning, mobile learning, e-assessment hands-on and the Nebula zone. The Nebula zone will raise awareness of Cloud Computing, and showcase Nebula, a training programme on cloud computing for the public sector, which aims to develop the skills of those responsible for managing the migration from traditional IT systems onto Cloud based services. As well as developing technical skills the programme focuses on enhancing skills in business change management, communication, analysis and negotiation. 

6 key benefits of attending the Expo:
  • learn about leading practical technologies that will inform and support the delivery of Apprenticeships and Traineeships programmes
  • explore and test new learning, teaching and assessment resources and materials to share with your colleagues
  • play and experiment with new technologies that will enhance the learner experience and business approaches
  • make the right investment in technology to improve your business outcomes and see a return on investment
  • discuss the development of Cloud services with colleagues who have been involved in successful projects
  • learn from completed projects to enable you to implement practical lessons in your own business
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Mobile Learning


Technology Demo Zone


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*Attend this zone free of charge