Being Prepared for Your Next Ofsted Inspection 

Being Prepared for Your Next Ofsted Inspection

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 December 2023  

Online, Zoom

9:30 am - 12:30 pm 

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Everything you need to know to be as well prepared as possible for an Ofsted inspection in 2023/24


Ofsted is currently about one third of the way through its programme of ensuring all providers have a full inspection in the three years between September 2022 and September 2025. So, if you haven’t been inspected since September 2022, the net is slowly closing on you receiving a full inspection in the not too distant future.

This workshop will consider what, at each stage of the ‘learner journey’, you most need to consider to ensure you are well prepared for your next Ofsted inspection. Richard will draw on examples of what he considers to be best practice from the many training providers, employer providers, colleges and local authorities he works with as well as the experiences some of them have had of being inspected by Ofsted recently. Richard will also discuss what inspectors will look for in your leadership and management and how they will examine your safeguarding arrangements.

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    Session Objectives:


    The interactive online workshop will examine a number of areas, including:

    • What a full Ofsted inspection will mean for you and how it will be conducted. 
    • The current themes inspectors are likely to be keen to explore with you on inspections in the coming year. 
    • What being a great provider means in the context of the EIF.
    • Examples of best practice in providing high-quality education and training at each stage of the ‘learner journey’.
    • Leadership and management in the context of the EIF.
    • Ensuring you have effective management arrangements in place for safeguarding. 


    Target Audience


    Senior leaders and managers with responsibility for ensuring their organisation is ready for a possible Ofsted inspection in 2023/24. Also, anyone likely to fulfil the role of the provider’s nominee on an Ofsted inspection.