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Keytools is the Ergonomic and Assistive Technology arm of Hypertec, historically Keytools vision had been to provide computer access for everyone, working to help ensure all had the best possible equipment and resources to use their PC's, easily, safely and productively. Servicing all markets for over 19 years, Keytools was purchased and by Hypertec in 2012.

Our specialist Keytools Product Advisers are trained and have had decades of experience in delivering Assistive Technology and Ergonomic products to users with varying requirements, whether Physical, Hearing or Visual Impairment, Speech and Language Support, Dyslexia or even an ageing workforce - we are all on the path to needing Assistive Technology to keep us productive - We don't see disability, we see Inclusion.

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Improving the quality of life of visually impaired and dyslexic people - reaching out with simple and effective solutions.

Optelec offer a wide range of Braille, magnification and text-to-speech solutions for visually impaired students and professionals.

On display will be the NEW ClearView-C desktop magnifier - designed for those with limited vision to boost productivity whilst learning and working. Optelec will also showcase the NEW Compact+ HD handheld video magnifier for use on the go.

For students and professionals that are totally blind, Optelec offer the ClearReader+ text-to-speech reader for access to printed paper documentation, whilst the EasyLink 12 Braille solution offers access to all parts of the world of IT.

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Barry Bennett is a family owned business which was founded in 1971. Our staff have unrivalled experience in dealing with students with special needs and disabilities.

We work closely with assessors and other specialists to provide students with SEN in secondary and higher education with the very best opportunities to achieve their potential.

Our product range and scope of capabilities are second to none in the assistive technology market. From IT hardware and assistive software to ergonomic products, such as specialist desks, chairs and posture aids – we are able to source, supply and support all your needs.

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Independence is a different experience for every person, but for some of our customers it means securing their first job in industry, for others it's being able to read their post again having lost their sight in later life. Delivering those unique moments is exactly what drives us to keep creating world class products that are innovative, easy-to-use and intuitive.

Dolphin's roots are in assistive technology and we are proud to have developed one of the first commercial screen readers in 1986. When it comes to assistive technology, we know that one size does not fit all, so we focus on creating the perfect software for each of our users. This includes making inaccessible IT accessible for people in employment, thanks to SuperNova with Dolphin's Scripting for bespoke applications, as well as empowering visually impaired seniors to email, Skype or write letters to family using Dolphin Guide.

Since those early days we have lead the market with innovations like SuperNova, the only combined magnification, speech and Braille software. We were also the first company to offer any assistive technology on a USB thumb drive when we developed and launched the Dolphin Pen in 2006. These days our AltFormat team are also leading the way in making text accessible for all people with a visual or print impairment with EasyConverter, and providing access to talking books with EasyReader.

Since our humble beginnings in one small Worcester office more than 20 years ago, the continued support of our customers has taken Dolphin from strength to strength. Today our 70 plus team support our international community of users from our offices in New Jersey US, Falköping Sweden, Hakadal Norway and our headquarters in Worcester, UK.

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We supply a range of software to help screen people who may have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Our tools will help identify those who may be at risk of dyslexia through computerised assessments which are easy to administer and fun to do yet have reliability backed by qualified professional expertise and considerable research and testing.

We provide advice about how Assistive Technologies can help support individuals who have disabilities and difficulties at work, in learning and in everyday life. We help identify computer software, hardware and strategies that can help overcome barriers. We are able to provide detailed assessments, reports, advice and guidance to individuals, families and professionals for personal, employment, examination and legal purposes.

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We provide assessments, reports, advice and guidance to individuals, families and professionals about young people and adults who have either general and specific learning difficulties or face other challenges. We work directly and indirectly to identify and describe the individual's profile of abilities and how these might affect them in learning, employment and everyday life. We offer suggestions on how to deal with barriers in order to help achieve success. We usually work at locations familiar to the individuals and prefer to have had background information about life-history, education and employment before our assessment. We offer a range of services from consultancy to full assessment reports and expert witness reports for use in legal proceedings.

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Recognised as the leader in visual thinking and learning, Inspiration® Software, Inc.'s award-winning technology tools are based on proven visual learning methodologies that help students, educators and 21st century business leaders think, learn, brainstorm, analyse and write. Inspiration®, Inspiration® Maps™, Kidspiration®, Kidspiration® Maps, InspireData®, Webspiration Classroom™ service and WebspirationPRO™ inspire students and creative thinkers to develop strong thinking and organisational skills, improve their academic performance and tap the power of visual thinking. Founded 30 years ago by Donald Helfgott and Mona Westhaver, the company's visual learning tools are used by more than 25 million students and teachers worldwide.

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The core value of Sonocent is ‘better learning’. Given that a large proportion of instruction is delivered orally, Sonocent believe that enabling students to get more from their instruction is the key to helping them achieve more - especially if they struggle with reading or writing. This extends from empowering all students to create better notes themselves through to developing innovative techniques and pedagogies around using audio in the classroom.

Sonocent’s technology is ideal for reluctant writers, auditory learners and students with SpLD and offers a unique audio workspace enabling thoughts, ideas and important conversations to be captured, analysed and reviewed quickly and easily

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Enhanced Vision is dedicated to creating innovative products that enable people with low vision, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and diabetic retinopathy to fully participate in life

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Claro Support is a trading name of Claro Learning Limited and has been operating since 2005. We provide specialist one-to-one disability support services and assistive technology training throughout the UK. By working closely with other organisations we help individuals to overcome disability related barriers including specific learning difficulties, visual impairments, hearing impairments, mental health conditions and Autism.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, tailored, flexible support and training to encourage independence and enable people to achieve in education and the workplace.

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iObserve is the ultimate observation tool that enables teachers, tutors, coaches, assessors in fact anyone to record observations, time stamp criteria, give instant feedback, upload and review recordings.

In short, iObserve allows you to save time, money & paperwork by digitally recording your observations that you can access and review at any time.

Dubbed “an educational game changer” by OFSTED. iObserve is the future of observations in training and tutoring and is currently being used in areas such as health, education, training, sports, universities and schools and it can be used by you!

Visit our stand and see how we can help your business.

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National Star has over 40 years’ experience working with learners who have physical, sensory or learning disabilities across a wide range of environments. Our success is a result of utilising the latest in Assistive Technology (AT) to ensure we maximise the potential of our learners.

StarTechnology uses AT to improve access to education, work and home environments. Our service works with clients to provide assessments, support, advice, equipment provision, training and so much more.

Come and talk to us at our stand about:
  • Assessments – individual or on a wider basis
  • Training – learning how to use the technology
  • Trialling – the necessity of looking at a range of solutions
  • Advice, support & guidance – accessing great value apps and software
  • Adaptations & Modifications – bespoke customisations
  • Environmental controls – operate lights, sockets, doors, windows and phones through a variety of methods including smartphones, tablets and remote controls.
A range of our solutions will be on display for you to watch or trial. We’d love to talk to you about your experiences and what we could do for you. Don’t leave without taking part in our competition for the best ideas of applying Assistive Technology in your environment!


iansyst has over 30 years' experience in working side by side educational institutions to provide IT solutions, assistive technology, consultancy and support. We source the highest quality special educational needs software and technology to assist learners with learning difficulties, physical or sensory impairments. One of our key aims is to see that anyone who needs assistive technology has access to it, as we know what a difference it can make. We are proud to be an approved Disabled Students' Allowance supplier.

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Global AutoCorrect saves time and helps you to focus on what you're writing by automatically and intelligently correcting your spelling as you type. It is a discreet and intuitive tool designed for students with dyslexia and literacy difficulties. Global AutoCorrect works with you in all programs, whether you're on the web, preparing a presentation or writing an email. It works as soon as it's installed, there's nothing new for students to learn. Including Vocabulary from over 130 subject dictionaries giving excellent coverage of general academic and subject specific words, ranging from Law to Media Studies, Design to Medicine, and English to Finance! You can track and print your top misspellings so you can work on them in your own time.
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